G5 Entertainment bringing three titles to the Kindle Fire

Since the release of the Kindle Fire, and even a bit before it, some game developers have been announcing that they will be bringing their titles, at least some of them, to the Kindle Fire. Some companies include Gameloft, Glu and now G5 Entertainment has announced that their games will be available for it as well.

Currently G5 Entertainment has released three titles for the Kindle Fire:

  • The Mystery of the Crystal Portal A Hidden Objects game with mini-games inside where you need to piece together the clues to find out about the truth of the Crystal Portal
  • Mahjongg ArtifactsA rather nice Mahjongg game
  • Success Story A time management game dealing with restaurants and completing orders in a timely fashion



All three games are optimized for the Kindle Fire and are already available on the Amazon App Store for purchase. All three games have a free version to try out while the paid versions of them will run you $4.99 each. G5 Entertainment will also be bringing more of their titles to the Amazon App Store which will be optimized for the Kindle Fire. Of course if dislike the Amazon App Store you can always hack up your Kindle Fire and install the Android Market on it.

Developer Website: G5 Entertainment

Amazon Market Link: Mystery of the Crystal Portal | Success Story | Mahjongg Artifacts

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