G5 Entertainment releases a new utility app to help you find their games

G5 Entertainment has released a new little utility app for people who play their games onto the Android Market. The app, called Game Navigator, will help fans of their games find more of their titles on the Android Market more easily but that isn’t all that this app does.

While G5 Entertainment must be planning on bringing all their games to Android, which is a lot, Game Navigator doesn’t just act as a gateway to finding all their games on the market. If G5 Entertainment puts one or two up for sale, you’ll be able to find that out through the app as well instead of hoping to stumble upon it. Users will also be able to check out the latest news from G5 Entertainment regarding updates and upcoming games. It will also handle plenty of media as well and you will be able to watch the latest game trailers right from the app or check out screenshots of currently released games as well.


If you are a fan of G5 Entertainment and their games then you will probably want to download this app. Considering the size of their catalog of games and the fact they actually made this app, it looks like they plan to bring a majority of their games to Android which is a considerable amount. You can grab Game Navigator off the Android Market for free.

Developer Website: G5 Entertainment

Android Market Link: Game Navigator

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