GalacDrive Offers Intergalactic Thrills At A Low Price

Remember when you paid a couple of dollars (or euros, pounds, forints) for a mobile game and it kept you entertained for a few days – and that was fine, and that was good? No, probably not.

Low Priced Space Shooting

Well GalacDrive just landed on Google Play, and harks back to that era. A 2D overhead shoot-em-up, it’s not a game that needs much explaining.

You can take control of various craft and avoid asteroids, shoot at bosses, and unleash various abilities – including a massive laser that basically takes up the entire screen. 

This is probably nothing you haven’t seen before in some guise, but there’s a pleasing indie spirit present throughout. From the colourful visuals to satisfying sound effects (created by a dedicated audio designer) this is a game that revels in the small things – making sure the gameplay loop is as enjoyable as possible.

In terms of looks it reminds us of a jauntier version of Xevious actually. Not that it’s hard to make Xevious less dull (sorry Xevious), but there we are. 

What’s most pleasing about the game is the very fact it’s arrived on Google Play not stuffed to the gills with ads between turns, but instead asked for a small asking price of £1.59 – if you’re not in the UK you can see how much it is by visiting its Google Play page right here.

GalacDrive harkens back to a more innocent time in mobile gaming, and if you’re a fan of shooters we’d recommend checking this out. As is the norm nowadays the game even has a dedicated Discord server you can join.

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