Galataxi by Measured Software – Crazy Taxi type game but in space!

Ever since we got a taste of what Measured Software could do on Android with their top-down 2D racer we’ve been eagerly awaiting their new project. Released today on the Android Market; Galataxi is an entirely new concept that brings the race against time to space, and this time with passengers!


  • Real gravity physics, slingshot around planets and feel the force of black holes!
  • Online scoreboards with downloadable replays of the each level’s top 10 players.
  • Incredibly challenging gameplay designed for the hardcore gamer.
  • 38 levels with more coming through free updates.


Ever want to race passengers between the stars? Now you can with Galataxi! Controllable through on-screen joysticks; control directionality and thrust independently. Move in 2-dimensional space to the neighboring planets to deliver prized passengers to their destinations, with the ultimate goal being speed and efficiency. Higher scores and star ratings (out of 3) are earned by avoiding obstacles, bouncing frantically off surrounding planets to save time as you make your way to their destinations before you run out of gas.

The Lite version includes the first set of 8 levels, with the full game packing 30 more. It also comes with online leaderboards and downloadable replays. Measured’s game will be getting a review right here on DroidGamers shortly.

Developer Website: Measured Software

Direct Market Link: Galataxi

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