Game Developer Success: The Moron Test

Once in awhile it’s good to hear about developers finding success with the Android market and the business model they used to give other developers who are contemplating taking the jump to Android a bit more motivation. One little know fact is that offering a trial/free version can generate quite a bit of success for your game and The Moron Test can prove that.

Developed by DistinctDev, The Moron Test has been out for a little under two months and has already reached more than 700,000 download for it’s Lite/Free version. However the conversion rate from Free to Paid has been over 7% (compared to the standard average 4.5%) which has landed DistinctDev over 65,000 paid game purchases for the Full version of The Moron Test at $0.99 per sale and boosted The Moron Test to being the 9th most downloaded paid app/game.

“Seeing these results on the Android platform convinced us that a Lite version for the iTunes App Store was essential,” says Berkeley Malagon, president and CEO of DistinctDev. “We’re excited about comparing the performance across the two platforms and sharing the results with the community.”

I have always firmly believed that offering a trial/free version of your game (or application) is an excellent way to get the word out about your products. Many more countries have access to free applications and games then paid apps/games. From there you can put the full version onto the Android market as well as 3rd party market websites or even offer in-game purchasing for the full version and reach a much larger audience.

“The initial version of The Moron Test was a great value at $0.99,” says Steven Malagon, Co-Founder and CTO of DistinctDev. “Now the same $0.99 version has 4 times the content, along with achievements and leader boards via OpenFeint integration (currently iPhone-only, coming soon to Android). The Lite version is doing a great job of communicating this value to players!”

Offering a free trial (if you don’t use a Freemium business model) gives you much more options when talking about how to generate sales for your game even if you just put the full version on the Android market along with the free trial and don’t bother with any other options for revenue generating. It’s good to see developers being successful with the Android market and as time goes on we should see a lot more success stories as the quality of games continues to rise.

Developer Website: DistinctDev

Direct Market Link: The Moron Test Full

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