Game Insight’s Jewel Poker now cashing in on Google Play

We’ve recently talked about a game that would be coming from Game Insight that happens to be a bit out of the norm for the company. Instead of a sim, time management or RPG-esque style game, Game Insight has released Jewel Poker onto Google Play.

Jewel Poker comes with two different styles of poker that you can play: Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha High. While the game is focused on playing poker, it is also heavily focused on the social aspects of the game as well since you can interact with other players live and in real time.

Jewel Poker Features:

– Two games in one: choose between “Texas Hold’em” and “Omaha High”
– A rich ratings and achievements system, so you can always find something to brag about
– Live in-game interaction – approach every opponent individually
– Stylish exclusive presents: fun, romantic, luxurious
– Convenient gaming – private tables, fast tournaments, twenty-four-hour technical support
– Bonuses, discounts and special offers all add up to boatloads of fun
– The game is completely free and without advertising

While there are fast tournaments and other games to join at any given time, the big feature that sets Jewel Poker apart from any other ones out there is the ability to have private tables. That way you can set up a game and play with just your friends if you want without having to worry about random people joining your game.

As with all Game Insight titles, Jewel Poker is available for free off of the Google Play store.

Google Play Link: Jewel Poker

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