Game of War likes to spend money on commercials, throws Mariah Carey into their newest one

Machine Zone must be still making a grip of money with their strategy title on mobile Game of War – Fire Age. They also appear to enjoy spending that money, especially on their commercials. First there was the company’s Super Bowl ad, then it was Kate Upton appearing in numerous Game of War ads (banners and videos), and now Mariah Carey is making her appearance.

The famous R&B singer is the newest famous face to appear in a Game of War ad. Whether this is a permanent replacement for Kate Upton or not, we don’t know. However unlike Kate Upton who is almost in the entire length of each commercial, Mariah Carey only makes a brief appearance in their new video.

How much did it cost to get Mariah Carey to appear in the commercial? While the exact amount hasn’t been revealed, it was stated that it was a seven-figure number. It doesn’t end there though. The new video, which took 2 days to shoot, was directed by Terminator Genisys and Thor: The Dark World director Alan Taylor.

You can check out the new ad in the video above. Was it a good move for Machine Zone or should they have stuck with Kate Upton, or gotten someone else?

Website Referenced: Eurogamer

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