Day: September 15, 2015

Game News

Coming soon: build your own bridges and do stunts on them in Bridge Construct Stunts

Coming soon to Android, Bridge Constructor Stunts is a spin-off of the original Bridge Constructor game. Similar to its predecessor, Stunts is a game where players will design and construct bridges to allow vehicles to cross various chasms. The building process has been streamlined though for this release. For example, players need only to tap on a constructed beam to toggle it onto a road, and vice versa.

Game News

Game of War likes to spend money on commercials, throws Mariah Carey into their newest one

Machine Zone must be still making a grip of money with their strategy title on mobile Game of War – Fire Age. They also appear to enjoy spending that money, especially on their commercials. First there was the company’s Super Bowl ad, then it was Kate Upton appearing in numerous Game of War ads (banners and videos), and now Mariah Carey is making her appearance.