Game Praise Episode #1 – The BroForce Episode

If you’ve been following our site for any length of time, then you’re probably familiar with the few video series we have going on. Gamecrap, as one is called, recently started its second season with its premier episode, as well as our Level Up series doing the same. The third series, called Game Praise, just got its newest episode today which you can now watch.

The game that is focused on it this episode is BroForce, which if you’re into the old school shooter style of games, then you are probably well aware of this game and have probably played it. While the game is for PC and console, there is apparently rumor that a mobile port of the PC version may be in the works. Even if that doesn’t come through, there are a good number of games for Android that feature the same style of gameplay, and even a number of attempts to port BroForce over to Android outside of an official version.

So, like always, sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy the first episode of Game Praise below. A new episode of Level Up and Gamecrap will be arriving soon too.

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