Gameloft confirms Dungeon Hunter 3 will be coming to Android soon

Gameloft seems to be trying to be a bit sneaky these days when it comes to announcing, or at least hinting at, new games coming to Android. In this particular case, Gameloft confirms that Dungeon Hunter 3 is coming to Android soon at the end of the trailer for Dungeon Hunter Alliance for Mac.

For those of you  who happen to be unfamiliar with the Dungeon Hunter series of games, they are a top-down action game in a style that is rather similar to Diablo 2. For those of you who enjoy dungeon crawler games like Diablo 2, these Dungeon Hunter games are actually pretty enjoyable. It is funny to see Gameloft hiding the announcement for Dungeon Hunter 3 in this trailer which you can check out below.

Unfortunately there is no other information at this time regarding this new installment into the series including details about what will come in the new addition or when it will be released. Safe to assume though that the pricing will be like all their other titles though.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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