[Updated] Gameloft games getting a 60% price drop for Valentine’s Day sale. Good way to share the love.

You have to love our tipsters who are generally all over Gameloft’s ass when it comes to their game pages leaking out or their sales they hold before they even announce them. Once again we are getting reports that Gameloft games are starting to show up at a 50% 60% discount when viewing them through the Gameloft store through the app.

This could be the sale/surprise they were hinting at a few days back on Twitter once they announced the iOS game sale for Valentine’s Day. It seems we are getting the same treatment as well! Hell, who would complain at getting Gameloft games at 50% 60% off?

Everyone should be seeing all the Gameloft HD games on sale at 50% 60% off when viewed through the in-game store and it also seems that this is available through the Gameloft web-based store as well! So what are you waiting for, this is a great time to pick up a game or two.

Thanks Marcin for the tip!

Update Fed. 11th 2011 10:49am: Apparently it is actually 60% off instead of 50% off even though Gameloft is advertising it as 50% off on Twitter and their store. Still, not a bad deal.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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