Gameloft Live’s weird log-in issues. Don’t worry though, they are on it!

Some of our readers have been experiencing an interesting little issue when it comes to logging into their Gameloft Live accounts. It seems to be isolated to tablets, for whatever reason, but when they are logging in , they end up logged into other peoples accounts instead of their own.

Some readers have been reporting this happening for up to a month already although it seems it has picked up a bit of steam over the past couple of weeks. One of our readers has mentioned that over the past month, using their own credentials to log in, that they have ended up in about 20 other peoples accounts. Again, this seems to be isolated to tablets and not phones, at least not that we have been told of anyways.

I appreciate your feedback on the issues around Gameloft Live and I apologize for the negative user experience. I will escalate this to our dev teams immediately and get back to you with their response. – Gameloft


Have no fear though, we just got word that Gameloft is working on fixing this little issue and the report of this bug has been escalated with the development team responsible for Gameloft Live. If you have submitted a ticket to customer service regarding this issue and haven’t gotten a response back, just keep in mind that they do know about it and are working on solving this problem so you can log into your own account normally. Since this has now been escalated, a fix shouldn’t be too far off.

We are waiting to hear back from the development team responsible for Gameloft Live and when we do, we will let you know what is going on. We would like to say thanks though for the Gameloft team getting back to us quickly so we can share this with you. If you are having this issue, and want to help out, leave a comment below with the device you are using when this happens. This way perhaps they won’t have to spend too much time hunting it down on a per device basis.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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