Gameloft officially launches Gameloft Live! onto the Android Market

Well it appears that the soft launch for Gameloft’s Xbox style social service, called Gameloft Live!, has ended and now it is available on the Android Market. If you nabbed this application during the soft launch, the only way to get it was through Gameloft’s own store.

Now that the soft launch is over, you can get it off of the Android Market if you didn’t want to download it from Gameloft’s store. It is still free just like the one people were able to get from Gameloft themselves and, of course, comes with all the same features:

– Always stay in touch with your friends! Invite them to games, send messages & chat in real time.
– A rich 3D experience never-before-seen on smartphones! Create your custom avatar and hub.
– Build your gamer score and earn XP and virtual Gameloft coins.
– Stay up to date! Access spotlight promotions and details on the latest game titles.
– Get the best games at special discounts, only for Gameloft LIVE! members.
– Your favorite titles at your fingertips! View and launch your games from one easy-to-navigate hub.

If you play a lot of Gameloft titles, this is pretty much a must have if for no other reason then to nab the discounts, exclusive game promos and earn virtual Gameloft coin which you can put towards buying new titles. If you are a social butterfly you can also use all the other features as well.

Developer Website: Gameloft

Android Market Link: Gameloft Live!

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