Gameloft releases the first screenshots for upcoming title Dungeon Hunter 3

Last week Gameloft sneakily unveiled that Dungeon Hunter 3 was heading our was in a video trailer for the Mac game called Dungeon Hunter Alliance. Apparently at some point today some leaked screenshots slipped out into the wild, according to Gameloft, so instead they decided to release a couple officially along with some concept art.

Dungeon Hunter 3 is Gameloft’s Diabloe-style series of games featuring a top-down perspective just like you would have in Diablo II. It’s lots of dungeon crawling, gear collecting, leveling up and monster slaying all wrapped up in some pretty solid 3D graphics. The new addition to the series, while being very hush hush on specific details, will come with even more graphical enhancements. If you missed the original Dungeon Hunter Alliance trailer where, at the end, they announce Dungeon Hunter 3 for Android and iOS, you can view that down below.


The concept art looks pretty awesome and even though it’s only a couple of screenshots, you can see an improvement in the overall look of the game and it looks like there is a fair bit more detail to everything. Unfortunately we have no further details to go on including when it will land on Android so for now, we just get to enjoy the screenshots and concept art.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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