Gameloft releases the official trailer for Dungeon Hunter 3, multiplayer announced.

If there are two games that everyone is waiting for Gameloft to release, Dungeon Hunter 3 would be one of those two. Now Gameloft has released an official trailer to finally give us some visual stimuli regarding this upcoming 3D dungeon crawling game with plenty of big monsters to kill.

Dungeon Hunter 3 is very ‘diablo 2’ like in the sense that it’s all about crawling dungeons with a top-down perspective. That’s where the similarities seem to end as Dungeon Hunter 3 comes with 16 different massive arenas, otherwise known as dungeons, for you to battle it out in. Judging from the trailer below, the graphics and gameplay have seem a great amount of work done to them and this easily looks like the best game out of the Dungeon Hunter series.

There also seems to be a ton of equipment and ways to deck out your character with items and skills you gain from leveling up. Get ready for this next piece of news though, Dungeon Hunter 3 will get multiplayer in early 2012. This means we will be able to battle it out with other players which will be awesome, especially if you like PvP in the Diablo 2 style. The Android version is also slated for a release of January 2012.

One thing to note, pay attention to the screen where it’s showing the gear. It looks like this game is going to be a free-to-play/freemium title.

Developer Website: Gameloft

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