Gameloft unveils Iron Man 3, coming to mobile devices in April

A few days ago we talked about Gameloft who had begun teasing what was clearly an upcoming Iron Man games with a date for unveiling as today. Sure enough Gameloft has taken the cover off their new game that they were teasing and it is indeed an Iron Man 3 game which will be coming to mobile devices in April.

For those of you who were thinking that this would be some sort of brawler or action type of game, you were partially right. Gameloft has released a new trailer for their upcoming Iron Man 3 game and it looks like this will be an endless runner style of game, except you are flying around as Iron Man instead of running around. There is an action element to this game though as you’ll be shooting down enemies as you cross paths with them.

Along the way there are plenty of coins to collect which can be used to purchase power-ups to give yourself a boost. Blasting enemies is done with the catalog of weapons that comes with being Iron Man and the game does look pretty fast-paced and hectic.

Gameloft has tacked on a release date of April 25th for Iron Man 3 but hasn’t indicated as to whether this will be for Android and iOS or iOS first with Android following shortly afterwards like usual. We shall see when the day arrives though.

Website Referenced: Gameloft Twitter

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