Gameloft’s Real Soccer 2012 updated with European Championship mode and more

Fans of Gameloft’s Real Soccer 2012 game have a bit of a treat this morning as the company has pushed out a new update. This update brings a whole new game mode to Real Soccer2012 as well as some bug fixes and other goodies which are meant to improve the game.

First, and the most notable improvement, is the addition of the European Championship mode which is just as it sounds. It is a European-based Championship game mode which also gives you access to all the teams that will be competing in the actual real European Championship which is slated to start very soon.

Also coming in this update is a refresh of the game’s player database, updating it with any changes that have happened in the real leagues. In addition to the update of players, Gameloft has added a new special lottery which gives you the chance to win ‘many prizes’.

Topping all of this off are some bug fixes and improvements to the game’s engine, further optimization with performance so the game runs better. If you haven’t updated yet, you can do so now as the update is live.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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