GamePlan has arrived, bringing a big suite of strategy tools for gamers

A rather neat application was release about a week ago called GamePlan. Developed by DesignerApps, this particular utility application is pretty much the Swiss Army knife for gaming when it comes to planning out strategies whether it is against opponents in an MMORTS game or PvPing in an MMORPG or just straight up PvE raiding.

Think of GamePlan as a central hub you can use to organize people in our guild/clan before heading off into battle whether it is against a big boss or another team. It is cross-platform compatible so users on both iOS and Android can connect to it and start planning things out.

GamePlan Features:

– Connect with your team from any device (Android/iOS).
– A powerful team organisation toolkit for ALL online multiplayer strategy and shooter games – perfect for tactical PvP and Co-Op gamers!
– Designed to work seamlessly alongside existing gaming setup (PC/Console) to give a unique overview of team objectives.
– Use your device as a second screen whilst gaming as a window to a new world of clear communication!
– Collaborate and plan battle strategies in real-time with intuitive tools.
– Place waypoints, icons, symbols, draw lines and even text bubbles to inform your team of targets, objectives, enemies, threats, warnings and other useful information.
– Start planning your next match even when you’re not at your gaming rig! GamePlan is a Universal cross-platform app that works over any 3G or WiFi connection.
– Download free game maps in the MapLocker.
– Instantly and seamlessly share your own maps to the group.

As you can see from the features list above, there is pretty much everything you need to plan whatever it is you need planning for. You can share maps, talk through the app in real-time chat, place objectives and waypoints on the maps, draw lines for routes to attack or defend and to round it all off, it will work along side whatever your current gaming setup is whether it is PC gaming or console.

If you are more of a hardcore gamer, or happen to run a guild or clan in a game, then you might want to seriously taking a look at this application. This application comes in two flavors, a free version which you can try out and has IAPs in it and a full version for $1.99.

Developer Website: DesignerApps

Google Play Link: GamePlan

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