GameStop developing Android version of their game-streaming Spawn Player. Possibly DLC on the way too.

With Steam possibly/probably coming to Android and other game-streaming/DLC services heading our way, it seems GameStop is gearing up to be in the battle. According to a job listing, GameStop is looking for a developer to port over their game-streaming Spawn Player to Android devices from recently purchased Spawn Labs.

Right after buying Spawn Labs, GameStop made sure their goals were well known with providing game-streaming to any internet connected device. When it comes to mobile, Android will be their first target. Why not iOS? Believe it or not, it is due to the fact that Apple controls both the Bluetooth and physical interfaces on their devices so bringing proper controls over (console-style gaming) is much harder on iOS with what they are planning to do.

“Getting the audio and video onto the iPhone or iPad is not too hard,” Spawn Labs’ David Wilson pointed out. “Getting game control in a way that works for console games is hard — but only because Apple controls both the physical and Bluetooth interfaces to the device Yes, Android is more within our control than the iPhone.”

GameStop also seems to be planning on going against Steam as they plan venture into the mobile gaming market. Not only will GameStop be offering console game streaming to your Android device, they will be offering new games for sale to stream onto your devices through the service. You can thank their recent purchase of Impulse for this feature. Gaming on Android is looking like it will get a lot more interesting this year if both Steam and GameStop release content-on-demand game-streaming services on Android.

There are addition job postings for other Android related positions as well regarding this new service. So is the whole game-streaming and DLC idea for Android enticing for anyone? What would you use, Steam or GameStop’s solution?

Website Referenced: Joystiq

Developer Website: GameStop

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