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GeForce Now catalog expands to include Ubisoft games

The list of games that people actually want to play on their Shield has just received a major boost, due to Ubisoft’s announcement that hit entries in its vast library of games are coming to the GeForce Now platform. Major franchises currently available only on PC and traditional consoles will soon be available for Nvidia Shield gamers to stream and enjoy.


GeForce Now streaming service upgraded to Pascal architecture

Streaming PC games to the living room at maximum graphics settings has long been the dream for many a gamer who, for some reason or another, doesn’t have access to a high-end gaming computer yet wants to experience the “master race” lifestyle. Nvidia has now, for all intents and purposes, made that possible with its announcement that its GeForce Now game streaming platform has been upgraded to the current-generation Pascal architecture, specifically the GTX 1080 GPU.


[TwitchCon 2015] Twitch announces direct video uploads and VOD are on the way

We have been saying a lot recently that the streaming war is going to heat up and today during Twitch’s keynote speech during the first TwitchCon event, the company announced that direct uploads and a true VOD feature will be arriving soon. This takes aim directly at YouTube who recently went after Twitch by launching YouTube Gaming, a streaming platform for game broadcasters that also allows direct uploads and VODs already.


GameFly’s streaming service comes to Amazon’s Fire TV set-top box

Amazon has made a move to bring a bit more gaming power to their Amazon Fire TV set-top box. In an announcement today, Amazon has brought GameFly’s streaming service to their set-top box in an attempt to offer owners, and future owners, more gaming possibilities with Amazon Fire TV. The service itself hasn’t fully launched onto all platforms and all regions yet, which is interesting since it is now available for Amazon’s Fire TV.


Nvidia’s GRID service will hit 40 titles the same day as their GDC 2015 press event happens. Saints Row IV, Alan Wake, and Metro Last Light Redux coming to GRID this month.

More evidence is coming to light that whatever Nvidia is planning to announce at GDC 2015 has something to do with their gaming on demand service GRID. Today Nvidia has announced that there will be a total of 40 titles available on GRID soon. In fact the next three titles which will push the GRID catalog to 40 are some rather big games.


Could Nvidia be unveiling a GRID-centric device at GDC 2015? A set-top box perhaps?

Nvidia is gearing up for a big announcement at their pres event during the upcoming GDC 2015 and while no one truly knows what the company plans to unveil, besides Nvidia themselves, a lot of talk is happening about what the possible things the announcement could be. One of the more interesting ideas, and something mentioned in the comments in our previous article about the upcoming event, is a set-top box. However this idea we’ve been reading about goes further than that, making the set-top box be geared towards Nvidia’s GRID gaming on demand service.


Holiday Charity Stream and Giveaway: Tell us what games to play

So it has been a little over a year since we announced that we would start streaming Android games on TwitchTV. Back then it wasn’t the easiest thing to set up since at that time there was no real support for mobile game streaming on any mobile platform. There was a lot of testing and tweaking of settings, lots of test streams as well. Now it is much easier to stream and we’ve already been streaming games on our TwtichTV channel. However we haven’t had an official ‘launch’ yet.