[Update Released] Gamevil’s Dungeon Link will be getting a big update on October 19th

Gamevil has released details regarding their next update for their Puzzle-RPG title Dungeon Link. This update will open up one new zone at least, add a few new story heroes, and also feature plenty of game balancing tweak. Another much requested feature that is being added is the ability to use multiple heroes in multiple attempts to enhance your hero to +5, but doing it all at once instead of individually.

Gamevil will be adding four new story heroes to Dungeon Link as well as one non-story hero. Two of the new story heroes, Andras the Demon God (Water) and Belial the Demon God (Attack), will be ones that you fight and possibly get as a drop in the new zone opening up, and possibly through raid as well. The new zone is called Belial’s Defense Line and features some new monsters to deal with as well.

The other two story heroes, Fenrir the Guardian (Wood) and Daine the Thunder Fairy (Fire), will be available as rewards you can purchase with earned Champion Road Hero pieces. Dagger Juggler Esmeralda (Support) is the non-story hero addition to Dungeon Link and looks to be a regular drop/combine hero. The last of the hero-based additions is actually a new costum: Little Princess Lilith. This costume will give Lilith the same stat boost as previous costumes. Unfortunately no word on whether or not this update will allow players to purchase costumes with gems.

This update will feature a lot of tweaks, game balancing, and so on. The Rune system has been tweaked greatly. Rune upgrading, especially at the higher levels (5 star and 6 star) have had their chance to succeed increased. Example: Right now ungrading a 5 star rune to 6 star costs only 28,000 gold but you only have a 5% chance of success. After the update, the same upgrade will have a 20% success rate but will cost 112,000 gold. On top of that, all failed upgrade attempts will add 1% bonus to success for future attempts.

New Rune 10+1 and Belial’s Defense Line

Champions Road will have boosters available after this update, just like PvP has. Gems will also be usable when resetting Champions Road after you use your one free daily reset. The free daily reset can also be boosted with gems to give your bonus Champions Road Hero pieces. New Quests will also be added with this update, with Stages 15-23 (Normal – Hell) Quests all being opened up. Lastly, the Tower of Magic, the normal Campaign, and the Tower of Tribulation have all had their difficulties tweaked:

– Campaign difficulty decreased to levels 20-22
– Tower of Tribulation floors 89> difficulty re-balanced
– Tower of Magic floors 45> difficulty decreased

That is pretty much it right now regarding the upcoming Dungeon Link update. This is slated to arrive on October 19th, and we will post an update once it does launch. You can check out all the details for the update over on the Dungeon Link Forums. We may also have a giveaway ready for when the update arrives, but more on that closer to the update’s arrival.

Source: Gamevil Forums

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