Gamevil soft launches Dragon Blaze on Android in 13 countries

While Com2uS announces the global release for one of their games today, Gamevil has announced the soft launch for one of theirs. Originally we reported on this game coming to Android back during the end of March 2015 and now the soft launch for Dragon Blaze has finally gone live. With the soft launch happening right now, this means that Dragon Blaze is still on target for a mid-May 2015 release.

In case you missed our last article about Dragon Blaze, this is a multiplayer Action-RPG title where players pick begin by picking their class of choice to play, before heading out into the world to complete quests that follow the game’s storyline. Eventually you will gain allies that you will form a team with in order to take on bigger and badder enemies. There is also real-time boss raids, PvP combat arena style, a Monster Wave feature, and a ton of loot to customize your character with.

If you were interested in picking this game up when it launches, but happen to live in the listed countries, you can pick up Dragon Blaze ahead of launch and start playing during this soft launch testing phase. Supported countries are Canada, Spain, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam. If you live in one of those countries and don’t see the game available, give it a minute as it was just released and it could still be propagating through Google Play.

For those of you who do not live in the above countries, you can pre-register for Dragon Blaze ahead of release in order to gain a launch reward, which is going to be an exclusive S-rank ally card. Pre-registration ends May 11th, 2015 so Dragon Blaze should be out on Google Play on that day, if not then shortly after.

Official Website: Dragon Blaze Pre-Registration

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