Gamevil teasing yet another game, this time called Punch Hero.

Gamevil has begun teasing another game heading our way apparently on May 10th 2012 called Punch Hero. While not a whole lot is known about this game, we do know a few details about it thanks to Gamevil’s massive teaser images they like to do.

The below teaser picture shows a couple of screenshots from the game which pretty much lets us know that it is a boxing game similar to Super KO Boxing. You will be going up against other opponents in three different modes: Arcade, Armature and Pro. We can also see that Gamevil is going with another 3D rendered game and not their normal retro style pixel art.

You will also be able to customize your character (nothing strikes fear into an opponent like bunny ears), practice moves in a trailing room and even add your own face to your boxer should you feel the need for more self gratification. It doesn’t say anything about multiplayer but most Gamevil titles lately do feature some sort of multiplayer functionality so Punch Hero could end up with something multiplayer-wise.

No word just yet on pricing although a safe bet would be free since all recent Gamevil titles have been free when released. You’ll be able to get your beat down on this May 10th 2012 if it is released on Android on that date. If not, which will most likely happen, Android should see it shortly after.

Developer Website: Gamevil

Website Referenced: Twitter

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