[GDC 2011] Qualcomm’s AR Challenge first place winner: Paparazzi. We go hands-on and get a cracked camera.

While not literally cracking the camera on the phone we were using, Qualcomm’s recent AR developer challenge brought in some great games with the winner being a game called Paparazzi. In this game you are the paparazzi and your job is to make money getting the best picture you can of the character that appears.

However, just like real superstars in the entertainment industry, get to close or snap too many pictures and you’ll anger the little fellow you’re trying to snap photos of. This will result in the character grabbing your ‘camera’, swinging on it, hitting it with his fists and cracking the screen. All of this causes you damage to your gear and other costs that come out of the money you make from each photo.

As you’ll see in our hands-on video, when the character you are trying to snap photos of gets angry and is swinging on your ‘camera’, he reacts to the movements of the phone but won’t go off the playing board. As a quick tip, to get the character off your camera, you have to shake it when they are only holding on with one hand.

The winner is actually someone who decided to make the game in his spare time just for the hell of it. Now if only there was a Charlie Sheen special edition character in the game. We were playing this on an Xperia Play even though it doesn’t use the pull out game controls.

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