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Microsoft at E3 2019: Gears POP!, the upcoming Gears of War and Funko POP! mobile game, is now up for pre-registration

Gears POP! Android

Gears POP! made an appearance at E3 2019, a whole year after being announced and then seemingly disappearing off the face of the Earth.

Well, it hasn’t disappeared. In fact, it’s actually up for pre-registration right now on Google Play, bringing it one step closer to launch.

Gears POP! finally gets another look in at E3 2019

It plays an awful lot like Clash Royale, judging from the trailer we saw during E3.

You’ll build your own squad out of Funko POP! versions of COG and Locust soldiers. There are over 30 of these to collect – many of which you’ll recognise.

You’ll take these into battle against real players and AI opponents as you work your way up the arenas into the top leagues where the best players battle it out.

To check it out as early as possible, head on over to Google Play right now and pre-register for it as soon as it’s out.

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