Genshin Impact’s most profitable gacha banner revealed

MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact is one of the most popular gacha games on any platform. With popularity comes profitability, and Genshin Impact’s most profitable gacha banner is rather successful. 

The MiHoYo gacha RPG has made many millions over the years of its release. Compared to its contemporaries — Tower of Impact, Noah’s Heart, etc — there’s no competition in terms of revenue. 

However, just what has been the most popular gacha release in the game? Furthermore, how much has that banner actually made for the game? (How much money are whales spending on the game?) 

Via Genshin Lab, iOS spending data has been revealed for the popular RPG. The detailed report has explained which banners are the most popular ones over the game’s history. 

For example, the second-best grossing banner has earned a total of $34,017,290. In first place, however, is the second rerun banner for Akya. That gacha run brought in a very impressive $35,939,066 in revenue. 

Furthermore, the report also details day one sales for banners. Day one sales calculate how much revenue a single banner raked in on the day of its launch. Unsurprisingly, some of these banners bring in millions in just one day. 

For example, Nahida/Yoimiya duel banner sales garnered a massive $5,111,701. This banner stomped on the second-best selling single day banner, Venti’s Day 1 banner sales. That banner brought in $5,030,755. 

It just goes to show that Genshin Impact is most certainly alive and well. The gacha RPG is still bringing in millions with new banners; the whales are feeding and they’re very happy. 

Have you spent money on banners in gacha games? Tell us your history in the comments below. 

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