Giftiz ‘gamifies’ finding games on Android, lets you win prizes too

There are plenty of applications out there that deal with game discovering such as Hooked but there is a new one out now that basically turns game discovery into a game itself called Giftiz. Developed by Purple Brain, Giftiz is an interesting little game discovery platform where as you find and play games, completing missions, and you will earn experience points. Using these points, you will be able to level your account up.

While this is all fine and dandy for the OCD people out there, such as myself, who need to get every level in every game they play, Giftiz actually will let you win physical prizes as well. Every time you level up you can unlock gifts ranging from gift certificates to phones and tablets. You can also earn ‘points’ every day when you use the app, spending them on spinning he Gift Wheel where you can win prizes as well.

There are new missions and gifts to unlock all the time so unlocking everything is an endless task but you can get some pretty cool loot in the process of trying to achieve that. For those of you interested in checking out Giftiz, you can do so by downloading it off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Giftiz

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