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YouTube will be releasing an app specifically geared towards gaming videos. Live streaming tool improved as well.

YouTube has their main application for mobile devices and it does a pretty good job already. However, because gaming is so big in general, YouTube will be releasing a secondary app which is geared towards gaming videos and content on YouTube, and nothing else. It’s a pretty interesting move as it puts them in direct competition with Twitch as well as some of the smaller streaming apps.


Humble Bundle’s new app is now live in Google Play

For those that aren’t familiar with them, Humble Bundle provides games, books, and other digital offerings to customers. What makes them different is two fold. First, they allow customers to pay whatever amount seen fit for a bundle of games (or books, or comics, or music, or whatever), without any DRM attached. Seriously. Second, the money is divided between Humble Bundle, the developers, and charity, again with the specific amounts being divided up by the customer at the time of purchase.


Pokémon Company International brings Pokemon TV to Amazon’s Kindle Fire

While we may never see an official Pokemon game make it to mobile devices anytime soon, The Pokémon Company International wants everyone to be at least able to watch all the Pokemon episodes they could ever want. Originally released onto Android through Google Play, Pokemon TV is now available for those of you who own a Kindle Fire tablet. This also means the probable compatibility with Amazon’s new set top box at some point in the near future.


Roccat’s new Power-Grid app now out. Turns your phone or tablet into a PC gaming peripheral

Roccat has been making PC gaming peripherals for awhile now and it seems the company wants a piece of the mobile action but not in the way you are probably thinking. While Roccat hasn’t jumped into making actual peripherals for mobile gaming, they have released an application they have been working on for awhile now that will turn your Android phone or tablet into a gaming peripheral.