Two Lands, One War, Different Systems – Only You Can Save Them In The Brand New RPG ‘Girls Evo’

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Girls Evo is an all-new fantasy adventure RPG revolving around humans and elves… and it has early access on Android! With a great art style, new characters, and different systems to work your way through – this game will keep you busy for hours!

Longcheer Game has just announced an all-new RPG called Girls Evo. It is currently available for Early Access on Google Play for Android users. Players can collect elves and fight by their side to save both humans and elves in the inevitable war that is coming.

If you’re a fantasy lover and into all things Elf, this game is for you. You can play it here on Google Play. Interested in other Android games? We recommend some of The Best Android Games Sales and Deals This Week in our guide!

Living With Elves

Girls Evo takes place in a universe where humans and elves are connected and live together in harmony. Elves even go through a transformation to become human.

The thing is, if one world gets destroyed, the other gets destroyed too – so there has to be a balance of the energy between the two. However, the threat of war is close as there is a battle going on between two masters, causing natural and man-made disasters that are threatening the land.

Only you can save these worlds and maintain the balance there once was.

Different Systems, Different Powers

In the game, there is a growth system that has different aspects to it such as basic upgrades, tier-ups, star-ups, equipment, and cores. The system provides cultivation goals for players, which activate different powerful abilities and attributes that you can get.

PVP Gameplay Is Available!

Girls Evo offers a variety of different PVE systems such as: The main story, Abandoned Factory, Ancient Relics, and Alien Battlefield. You can also play in x-server competition through PVP gameplay, allowing you to battle real players.

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