Giveaway Starts Today!

I know I know I’ve been tagging everyone along with previews of the multi-game giveaway we are having but the wait is over! We are starting it today and it will last one week exactly with winners every day. There’s a few ways to enter which we will go over in just a second as well as what all the prizes are.

Multi-Game Giveaway: To celebrate such a successful month of everyone coming to Droid Gamers and making it their only source for Android game and gaming related news we are giving away free copies of games from our contest sponsors! On top of that we also have some mystery prizes! I wanted to have 5-6 sponsors for this contest but we have 3 so to make up for it I’m adding the mystery prizes. What are the mystery prizes? They are a surprise. Could it be a free game, Top Secret Droid Gamers swag? Or it could be something else but it’s Android related either way!

Sponsors: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our contest sponsors Gamevil, ToJam Games and Siliconis Games for offering free copies of their great games. Gamevil developed the awesome RPG called Zenonia that was just released onto the Android market. ToJam Games developed the great space invaders style game Revolution 2217 and Siliconis Games developed the great space shooting game Blastosis: Invasion. These developers have made this contest a whole lot better! You can already read about Zenonia and Blastosis: Invasion here at Droid Gamers and we are in the middle of writing a review for Revolution 2217, so if you want more info about these games, you don’t have to look any further!

How to win: It’s easy to win in our contests! We are dividing up the prizes between Twitter and comment posters!

Twitter Entries: To enter via Twitter all you have to do is follow us and tweet ” @DroidGamers kicks ass. There said it now where’s my free #android game! ” without the quotes and you are automatically entered!

Comments: To enter via comments all you have to do is leave a comment under whatever article you want to. At least make the comment topic related though. Hell you could just leave a comment here and say “Awesome contest!” or whatever you want!

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday April 7, 2010) we’ll be announcing winners every day!


5 Copies of Gamevil’s massive hit RPG Zenonia

– 5 Copies of ToJam’s awesome space invaders style game Revolution 2217

– 5 Copies of Siliconis Game’s great space shooter Blastosis: Invasion (HD screen phones only)

– 5 or more mystery prizes! (minimum 5, max 10 depending on how popular the contest gets!)

Bonus Points: If you make a YouTube video showing how crazy you are about gaming on your Android phone (and feel free to plug Droid Gamers) you’ll get bonus points towards possibly winning a Mystery Prize! Just make sure to either leave a link to the YouTube video in the comments or tweet it to us @DroidGamers !

We like people going crazy over Droid Gamers and video games in general so feel free to lose your mind on your video should you want to do that. Of course keep it relatively work safe and don’t go jumping off a building and hurting yourself.


Legal and Rules:

A few legal notices you might want to know about. This contest is for the games only and not the cash value of the games. You’ll receive a coupon code to redeem at Mobihand to get your game. Due to the Android market not accepting coupon codes, if you win a copy of Zenonia please be aware that you’ll have to purchase it yourself and Gamevil will refund you your purchase price after 24 hours so you’ll be able to keep your game. This is all worked out with Gamevil. Please make sure that if you win Zenonia, that when I contact you that you provide the full name on the account/card that is used to purchase to the game so Gamevil can properly issue you a refund. Please make sure to let us know if you don’t have access to paid apps in your country if you win a copy of Zenonia as we will have to change your prize to another game.

Mystery prizes will be announced at the time of winning. You may need to provide your home address for shipping reasons as well as the type of phone you have. All information you provide to use is in strict confidence and we will not share/sell/trade any personal information to any third parties unless it is used to ship your prize to you.

Please do not use multiple email accounts to boost your entries. Everything is going to be fair and doing that is cheating. Spamming comments that are off topic to the article you commenting under is also cheating and will result in not being entered into the contest. Otherwise feel free to tweet/comment as much as you like to try to win! Just stay on topic in the comments.

Contest will run for exactly 1 week at which time any left over prizes (if any) will be given away the next day to anyone including previous winners!

All names, logos and games and everything inside the games are the property of their respective owners.

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