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Blastosis: Invasion

The developer of Blastosis: Invasion, Siliconis Games, sent me a nice little email to tell me about his game being released onto the Android market. So off I went to go download it and give it a whirl. Blastosis: Invasion is a space shooter game where your fly your ship around shooting everything that comes at you and gain power-ups along the way while enjoying some great graphics.

You control your ship by tapping on the screen where you want it to go. You don’t have to worry about shooting as it’s automatic, allowing you to concentrate on shooting enemies and not dieing. There are four levels of difficulty to choose from: Easy, Medium, Hard, Nightmare and game play is pretty intense even on Easy.

The graphics are great as well, nice and crisp. This game is strictly for HD screens 480×800 or higher (Droid, Nexus One, New-Gen phones) so older gen phones won’t be able to play this. It looks great on my Nexus One and the controls are responsive. Here’s the developer’s description:

Intense, fast old-school shoot’em-up with new-school high-resolution graphics.  Blastosis: Invasion was designed with the next generation Android devices in mind to utilize the latest openGL chip and high-resolution graphics.  Four beautifully rendered stages of pure pew-pew mayhem! Three different weapons, each with different levels of power.  Can you save your world?

These screen shots don’t to the graphics justice, I’ll have to post more later. There is definitely a lot of pew-pewing going on to satisfy almost anyone’s need for gratuitous laser-shooting-enemy-killing fun. There’s a free version to try out but honestly there’s a 90% chance you’ll just turn around and buy the full version after playing it for a few minutes and luckily the developer has it on sale right now at 25% off the original price.

However, we have a contest coming up where you’ll be able to win a copy of this game for free! We’ll have 5 to give away so stay tuned to Droid Gamers for information about the contest to learn how to win a copy of this or other games as our first contest will be a big one!

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Developer Website: Siliconis Games

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