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Shrek Kart HD for Android coming soon

Seems in our last article it should have been titles “Triple header” instead of double header thanks again to our resident tipster, Mariano Zorrilla! After a bit of digging, Mariano came up with a new game slated for release on the Android platform by Gameloft, Shrek Kart HD. As you may have guessed, this is similar to Mario Kart but with Shrek Characters.


No More Avatar HD from Gameloft?

We aren’t exactly sure when this happened aside from very recently but if you are one of the gamers who bought Avatar HD from Gameloft you might want to be glad you were quick at doing so. It seems that Avatar HD has been pulled from the site, both the free trial and the full version. The reason behind this is also unknown at this time.


Avatar HD Now Available From Gameloft

We just received a tip yesterday from Dave Loft who was the person responsible for bringing to light Gameloft’s DRM policy issues awhile back. According to Dave, you are now available to get Avatar HD for your phone from the Gameloft website and sure enough after checking out the link it is there and is available for purchase at $4.99. It looks real good too!


Blastosis: Invasion

The developer of Blastosis: Invasion, Siliconis Games, sent me a nice little email to tell me about his game being released onto the Android market. So off I went to go download it and give it a whirl. Blastosis: Invasion is a space shooter game where your fly your ship around shooting everything that comes at you and gain power-ups along the way while enjoying some great graphics.