New life given to one of Android’s oldest games, Robo Defense. Now available in a limited beta HD version.

Robo Defense has been around for a ridiculous amount of time on the Android Market. In fact it was one of the first games I ever played when I got my G1 back when Android first came out. It’s been sitting as the #1 paid game for almost as long and now Lupis Labs Software has gone and made an HD version of the game.

While the game hasn’t changed at all gameplay-wise from the original version and the levels are the same as well but the visuals have been completely redone and the difference is like night and day. The difference is so great that it almost feels like an entirely new game even though nothing but the graphics have changed.


Original Robo Defense


Robo Defense HD

If you’ve played Robo Defense in the past, you will want to go get this limited beta right now. If you haven’t played Robo Defense before, it is a great tower defense style game. You can pick up the limited beta right now on the Android Market for free and it includes 1 map with 11 difficulties. Any progress you make in this beta will be saved and imported into the full official version when it is released.

Developer Website: Lupis Labs

Direct Market Link: Robo Defense HD


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