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[UPDATED] Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge is Coming to Android Soon

One Man Left Studios is comprised of two old friends that went to elementary school together. Alex Okafor is the developer, and Adam Stewart, provides the artwork and animation. They work remotely from Georgia and Alabama. That setup is quite interesting, but it works, because One Man Left has created some fantastic and fun games that require good gaming skills. Their latest entry, Tilt to Live: Gauntlet’s Revenge, will be making its way to the Play Store soon.


Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run: Endless Runner Meets Roller Coaster

Jim Vessella, Simon Armstrong and Kyle Van Meurs created SuperMoon Games. Based in San Francisco, CA, they created their game studio earlier this year, “…with the goal of creating delicious, bite-sized games that could be enjoyed by both veteran gamers and an eager generation of new players.” These gentlemen were so passionate about gaming, that they chose to leave corporate America to do their own thing. That means, this first game is completely self-funded. It is their hope that it will be successful enough for them to continue making games. Galaxy Dash: Race to Outer Run is a roller coaster of an endless runner that is bold, beautiful and exciting to play. If their goal was to create delicious, bite-sized games, then this one is a big snack that won’t leave you hungry.


Radiant Review

Radiant is the type of game that begs the question to be asked, is keeping things simple a bad idea? Sometimes it is, keeping things simple like taking a old formula and not adding a few ideas of your own, usually makes what would be a great game, terrible. Luckily for Radiant, that isn’t the case and in fact works in it’s favor.


Weekend Game News Recap

So as you may have noticed, I took the weekend off thinking this would be an ideal time to slip a couple days off and spend time with my family hoping it would be a slow news weekend. In reality it was a busy weekend not just for Android news but Android gaming news as well. So here is a quick rundown of gaming news over the weekend.