Vendetta Online now available on the Android Market for Tegra 2 tablets.

A lot of people have been waiting to get their hands on the Android version of Vendetta Online and now the wait is over. Before you get all excited though, there are a few requirements that need to be met. First you’ll need a Tegra 2 tablet, but we already knew that. Secondly, it has to be 7″ screen size or bigger.

Taking those two requirements into consideration, Vendetta Online is available for anyone who currently owns a Motorola XOOM. If you are in Europe, you have a couple of other options like the Folio tablet of course. If you do not know what Vendetta Online is, it is a space MMORPG similar to EVE where you have your ships you can customize, go after other player, gather resources and complete quests.

Graphically speaking, Vendetta Online is very detailed with all of the graphics in the game. The UI is taken straight from the PC version of the game as well so if you are familiar with that, then you’ll have no problems. If you are not then it’ll take a minute to get used to it as there are elements like scrollbars. The UI is still currently being polished up.

Vendetta Online is cross-platform as well so you’ll be playing with all the people who play on the Windows/Mac/Linux versions and even though it is the same game, the Android version comes with some exclusive features:

  • Single-Player “Free Play” mode: after completing the tutorial, a free-play sandbox sector becomes available, letting you perfect your flying technique and enjoy minigames while offline. This feature will be expanded in future patches, and will permanently be available to anyone with the game installed, regardless of whether they ever choose to subscribe. Enjoy!
  • Special extended trial period of 16 hours of in-game time. Play an hour a day for 16 days, or 16 hours all at once, it’s up to you. No strings attached, find out if the game is for you.
  • “Demo” mode: an extensive demonstration of pre-recorded network play, showing off the graphics and content that become available in Vendetta Online. This is completely real-time, and uses the game engine, it is not a video.



This is a subscription based game so you will be paying between $7-$10 per month. There are some other interesting little facts and requirements to know about this game as well:

  • Suggested SD Card space to be free for this game: 500MB. The game only uses 250MB when installed but considering the game is updated almost on a weekly basis, 500MB ensures you’ll have plenty of room.
  • They suggest installing over Wifi (for the large download), but playing the game itself should use relatively little bandwidth, and works well over most 3G networks. As always, you are responsible for monitoring your own bandwidth usage.
  • They are a continually evolving game. Our users are encouraged to help the game development process by posting to the Suggestions and Android forums of our website, . If you like the game, but want to see improvements to a certain aspect, and have a good idea of what would help, please bring it to our attention. We expect to continually refine and improve the Android version, and the game itself, for a long time to come.
  • Integrated voice chat is not yet present on the Android version, but we expect it to be added in the next few weeks. Voice chat will be compatible across all versions, so you will be able to talk to friends on PCs or Macs, etc.


We have additional information regarding the integration of voice chat that we will be releasing in another post here for those of you who are curious. We did meet up with the dev from Guild Software at GDC which is always fun as well as at CES where we got our exclusive hands-on videos of Vendetta Online. You can nab Vendetta Online off the Android Market for only $0.99 plus whatever your monthly payment will be for your subscription should you choose to play online.

This is also available through the nVidia Tegra Zone marketplace as well if you have that app installed.

Developer Website: Guild Software

Direct Market Link: Vendetta Online

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