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[Updated] Nintendo announced that their new Nintendo Switch will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra processor

While this news may fall into the realm of general mobile gaming news, it is still pretty interesting to see a company like Nintendo pick up technology to use with their new portable gaming console that has originally been used in higher-end Android devices and, more specifically, Nvidia’s own Shield line of Android gaming devices. Nintendo announced this morning that their new portable gaming console, called the Nintendo Switch, will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra processor.


Nvidia has submitted a new controller and remote specs to the FCC

Nvidia has submitted designs for a pair of new wireless peripherals to the FCC. To wit, they are a TV remote (similar to the one used with Nvidia’s Android TV model), and a game controller. Starting with the latter, it’s obvious that it’s a redesign for a few reasons. First, the shape of the controller is a bit on the leaner side, thinning out at the lower portion (think PlayStation’s Sixaxis controller, but not quite as drastic).


Nvidia is now pushing out an update for their Shield Tablet LTE models …yes, it’s Marshmallow finally

Nvidia, makers of a plethora of PC and Android hardware, and have released an update to their tablets. Specifically, this update will (finally) bring 6.0.1 Marshmallow to those of us with their LTE variants that have been waiting too long, to be frank. Some of what’s included in this update are things like support for the Vulkan API, re-positioned Navigation buttons when the tablet is in landscape mode, enhanced memory compression, and fixing a bug related to WiFi connectivity when the tablet is waking up from sleep.


Could Nvidia be unveiling a GRID-centric device at GDC 2015? A set-top box perhaps?

Nvidia is gearing up for a big announcement at their pres event during the upcoming GDC 2015 and while no one truly knows what the company plans to unveil, besides Nvidia themselves, a lot of talk is happening about what the possible things the announcement could be. One of the more interesting ideas, and something mentioned in the comments in our previous article about the upcoming event, is a set-top box. However this idea we’ve been reading about goes further than that, making the set-top box be geared towards Nvidia’s GRID gaming on demand service.


[Updated] Coming Soon to Android: Flyhunter Origins – An Extremely Likable Character on an Unlikely Space Adventure

If I were to mention animated movies such as The Incredibles, Toy Story, Brave, Ratatouille and Monsters University, what is the first thing that would come to mind? It would probably be Disney-Pixar and the wonderful stories and animation that they have created. If you are a fan of any of those movies you are in luck. Steel Wool Games is a new studio created by five artists that have been working in the animation industry for many years. With the aid of Ripstone Publishing, Steel Wool Games will release their first project, Flyhunter Origins this summer. It will be available for Android and Tegra powered devices in addition to other platforms. The game is prominently displayed as one to play on the new Nvidia Shield tablet.