Weekend Game News Recap

So as you may have noticed, I took the weekend off thinking this would be an ideal time to slip a couple days off and spend time with my family hoping it would be a slow news weekend. In reality it was a busy weekend not just for Android news but Android gaming news as well. So here is a quick rundown of gaming news over the weekend.

Polyclef Software Giveaway – It’s a good time to be a fan of Android devices since it seems like spring is the season for giveaways! We just finished our first one and it was a huge success. Our friends over at Polyclef Software sent us an email to let us know about their giveaway they just started. Prizes? How about 3 vinyl Android figurines and also a Motorola Droid! Polyclef Software have developed a few apps for the Android OS including Golf Solitaire, Dominoes and EasyTether. For more information and details about this giveaway including how to win then just head over to their blog.

Gravity FightsFadosoft, developers of the game Gravity Fights, have released an update with some fixes to the controls. This game is really good but I had stated that I couldn’t control my ship at all on my N1. Thanks to the community for letting me know that this could very well be a problem with just my N1 as other readers spoke up to let me know it runs fine on theirs. I’ll be giving this game some more play time and posting an update about it! If you haven’t tried it yet, give it a shot, it’s a pretty wild looking game.

Droid Gamers Giveaway #2 – This isn’t an official announcement about our next contest but more like a teaser. Just to let all our readers know, we are already ironing out the details for our next contest and believe me when I say, we’ve got some fantastic prizes already lined up. If any game developers want to get in on this as a sponsor, please feel free to contact me using our form (the red ! icon located at the top of the site).

DropBox Invite – Just a quick thank you to a gentleman by the name of Nick for sending me an invite to DropBox. I’m going to be checking it out and looking to see how this would benefit us gamers! Dropbox is an online storage service which offers a basic package for free with 2GB of storage space. Larger spaces are available for a monthly fee. You can check them out at DropBox’s official website. This isn’t a beta invite or anything so you can go over there right now and sign up for your own account. I do believe they have or are currently working on an app for Android.

Developer Interviews & Full Reviews – We’ve got two developer interviews coming this week that I think you will all enjoy reading. Also our friends over at OrangePixel and Insurgent Games sent us some new games to review so look out for those this week.

Pocket Empires MMO – Pocket Play announced the ability to buy gems via donating with up to 1000 gems for $10USD. You can also purchase custom titles for your character for a $11USD donation. For more information head over to the Pocket Play website for more details.

And of course we will be posting our Android game reviews and any news that happens every day! Don’t forget to check for game updates, a lot came out this weekend!

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