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Fart For Your Life Review

Every once in a great while, a company will release a game that simply changes everything. A game that is so well designed it is universally lauded. A game with a plot so innovative it makes Memento look like a steaming pile of bland. A game that is just pure awesome. This is not that game.


Gravity Fights Update

Fadosoft has been hard at work updating their game, Gravity Fights. While most users found the game to work perfectly, some, such as myself, couldn’t get things to move. Whether this was a fault of my own or of my N1, Fadosoft worked on the controls of the game. After playing it for a bit longer, the controls have been greatly improved it seems.


Weekend Game News Recap

So as you may have noticed, I took the weekend off thinking this would be an ideal time to slip a couple days off and spend time with my family hoping it would be a slow news weekend. In reality it was a busy weekend not just for Android news but Android gaming news as well. So here is a quick rundown of gaming news over the weekend.


Gravity Fights Space Shooter

While on the topic of shooter style games, another one landed on the market today called Gravity Fights, developed by Fadosoft. While not the usual scrolling shooter type game, you move through tunnels shooting enemies and flicking power switches which eventually opens a door for your to pass through. The graphics are pretty good in this title as well.