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Fart For Your Life Review

Every once in a great while, a company will release a game that simply changes everything. A game that is so well designed it is universally lauded. A game with a plot so innovative it makes Memento look like a steaming pile of bland. A game that is just pure awesome. This is not that game.

Gameplay: Fart For Your Life is a game where your primary means of locomotion is flatulence. Your goal is to consume as many beverages and pieces of food as you can while avoiding things like giant chattering teeth, green skulls and some sort of vaguely dog-like thing. Certain foods will have certain effects like allowing you to fly or catching your anus on fire.

In other words, game play is similar to the premise: crude. It’s also repetitive, boring, and repetitive. In addition to being boring (and repetitive), it’s glitchy. The game will hang momentarily and suddenly speed forward, sometimes sending you crashing into obstacles. If a game with graphics this simple stutters on a Droid 2, there have to be some pretty serious issues with the code.

After farting your way through two craptacular levels laced with messages about buying the game, you are automatically taken to the paid version’s marketplace page and prompted to buy the game, which is no better than the free version.


  • Side scrolling
  • Touch Controls
  • Food and drink based power-ups
  • Apps2SD support
  • It makes fart noises

Graphics: The graphics are cartoonish and experience regular hiccups even on a high-end phone like the Droid 2. Nothing special here.

Sound: The sound is repetitive and boring. In a game where flatulence is the focus of the game, you would think there would be a diverse library of farts.

Controls: There is only one control, tap anywhere on the screen to jump. That’s it. That said, the controls are still glitchy. There is an occasional delay to the jumps, which ranges from minor to severe.

Overall: Don’t get me wrong, I think crude humor can be funny and if there was a great poo-based game on the Android Market, I’d buy it. This game isn’t worth buying, it’s not even worth playing.


To end this review, I’ll quote Benjamin Franklin’s Fart Proudly (no, really, this is an actual book), “…all well-bred people, therefore, to avoid giving such offence, forcibly restrain the efforts of nature to discharge the wind.” This noxious abomination of a game should have been forcibly restrained from being released, at least until it was free of bugs.

Gameplay: 1/5
Graphics: 2/5
Controls: 1/5
Sound: 2/5

Overall: 1.5/5

You can purchase this game on Android Market for a cent less than $2, but it’s really not worth it. However it seems to have good feedback on the Android Market so feel free to try it out if you must.

Developer Website: Fadosoft

Direct Market Link: Fart for your life

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