Gravity Fights Update

Fadosoft has been hard at work updating their game, Gravity Fights. While most users found the game to work perfectly, some, such as myself, couldn’t get things to move. Whether this was a fault of my own or of my N1, Fadosoft worked on the controls of the game. After playing it for a bit longer, the controls have been greatly improved it seems.

If you haven’t read or tried Gravity Fight then you should go get it, at least the free version to try it out. The art work in it is pretty unique and freaky looking, for lack of a better way to describe it. This is just a short post to let everyone know that the controls for the game have been greatly improved so if you’ve uninstalled it due to control issues, you might want to give it another shot.

You can read about Gravity Fights in our original post although obviously my gripe about the controls in that article is now outdated, so please keep that in mind! Good work guys, you’ve got a great game. If you like the game, invest in the full version, it’s worth it!

Developer Website: Fadosoft

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