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A Look At Club Penguin for Android

A few days ago the kid’s MMO Club Penguin was released for Android on Google Play.  When I was younger I  had played it a lot back when the game was new on web browsers around 2006, I’m older now but I can still see how Club Penguin has been able to maintain a fun family friendly world for children to play in.


Weekend Game News Recap

So as you may have noticed, I took the weekend off thinking this would be an ideal time to slip a couple days off and spend time with my family hoping it would be a slow news weekend. In reality it was a busy weekend not just for Android news but Android gaming news as well. So here is a quick rundown of gaming news over the weekend.


Pocket Empires MMO Update

If you haven’t yet had the chance to play Pocket Empires, developed by Pocket Play, now is a good time to go grab it off the market after the recent updates. These include another server opening up as well as unit balancing issues being worked out. Before the update in regards to unit balancing, archers were rather over-powered but that has changed now.