Pocket Empires MMO Update

If you haven’t yet had the chance to play Pocket Empires, developed by Pocket Play, now is a good time to go grab it off the market after the recent updates. These include another server opening up as well as unit balancing issues being worked out. Before the update in regards to unit balancing, archers were rather over-powered but that has changed now.

Archers have been toned down a bit and other units have been scaled appropriately which means whatever strategy you were using before the update occurred will probably need to be changed. On top of this, during the server software update, critical hits were added to the gameplay.

Here is a full list of changes that have happened over the last day:

ADD: Critical Hits (Unit with higher speed will cause more critical hits)
FIX: A battle bug that troops loss will double each round
FIX: Fight cost gold bug
CHANGE: Troops will return to main city when building new city
CHANGE: Transport, Reinforce will not cost health
ADD: Poll system
ADD: Preferences for notifications
ADD: Preferences for autologin (Disable before logging into other servers)
ADD: Preferences for reset account(Can’t use referral code after reset)
ADD: A confirmation alert when sending troops
ADD: Click to send mail to friend,  Click to send mail in world chat
FIX: Chest stack problem
FIX: Recruit & Research display error across different cities
CHANGE: Long click city to focus
CHANGE: Long click marks to rename or delete

After all of that, to top it all off, another server has been opened up since the first got maxed out so whether you have been playing on the original server and want to start over or you are new to the game, it’s a good time to get going.

On a side note, people who are spamming false info about referral codes are being banned from the game. If you want people to use your referral code I would suggest not saying it gives them 200 extra gems or any other made up information. The truth is this: If you use someone’s referral code, you get 100 extra gems on top of the 100 gems you start off with. So in total you will have 200 gems. People are going around posting all kinds of stuff to get people to use their code including lying about how many gems they get. I’ve even seen one post on another site stating that if you use their code you’ll get troops as well!

If you need any help with the game, feel free to post in our forums or head over to Pocket Play’s official site for a beginners guide as well as forums there as well. You can grab Pocket Empires off the Android market for free. For a bit more information about the game you can also read our first article about Pocket Empires as well.

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Developer Website: Pocket Play

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