Glu Mobile’s Blood & Glory: Legend slashes its way onto Google Play

Last week we began talking about Glu Mobile’s upcoming sequel to their Blood & Glory game called Blood & Glory: Legend which brings with it more hacking and slashing goodness. We last night the game made its way to Google Play for you to get that bloody violence fix you’ve been craving.

Blood and Glory: Legend continues on where the first one left off, bringing with it the same arena-style combat set back in the days of Sparta, the Roman Empire and the violent tournaments that they held. There seems to be a lot of improvements over the first one including much better visuals and even a motion comic to enjoy while you follow the storyline.

Combat has also been enhanced with combo strikes, special strike and the new glorious strike that you will be able to perform against new enemies that you will be fighting in new arenas such as the Snake Den, Viking Ship, and Neptune Temple.

Every day you play the game will reward you with free in-game money and equipment. Just like all of Glu’s major titles, Blood and Glory: Legend is also a free-to-play game so you can download it and start playing for free and optionally buy in-game currency should you want to go that route.

Thanks to Artem for the tip!

Google Play Link: Blood and Glory: Legend

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