[Updated] Glu’s new Contract Killer: Zombies title now available for your zombie sniping needs

Yesterday we mentioned that Glu would be releasing it’s newest addition to the Contact Killer series called Contract Killer: Zombies onto the Android Market today. Well sure enough it has arrived and offers up plenty of brain splattering fun through the scope of a sniper rifle, or just blow them all up with a grenade launcher, your choice.

When we reported about this game coming to Android yesterday, a few of our readers mentioned that they have completely uninstalled all new Glu Mobile games due to the ridiculous amount of ads going on with them whether in-game or being pushed to your notification bar. This feeling of resentment towards Glu’s recent ad-whoring is felt by many though but for those of you who are die-hard fans of Glu games, or zombie games for that matter, this is a pretty gruesome but fun game to play.


It comes with most of the game mechanics found in the original Contract Killer game but instead of shooting criminals and other contracted targets you will be trying to survive a zombie infestation. You are not just protecting your neck, or brains, from the zombies but other survivors as well and helping out with special missions and supply runs also. As with most of these types of games you will have plenty of weaponry to help along the way.

Contract Killer: Zombies is available for free on the Android Market if you can put up with the usual ads that seem to be invading all of their new games as of late. You can check out the gameplay trailer below to see the game in action.

Update 10:46am Oct. 12th, 2011: The game is still a freemium model with about half the guns needing glu coins to purchase them. However, since installing it I haven’t seen a single ad yet. Mind you it has only been about ten or so minutes of playing but it looks like Glu may have listened to everyone about the ads.

Developer Website: Glu Mobile

Android Market Link: Contract Killer: Zombies

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