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Dan Bilzerian takes on entourage-turned-zombies in new game

Dan Bilzerian – poker master and Instagram heavyweight – is now taking on the mobile world with Novasoft’s new game, Save Dan. In this game, players take on the role of a gunman watching over Dan Bilzerian, who is being swarmed by a horde of zombies. Players must take out the zombie horde before they reach Dan, who is dashing from beacon to beacon in an attempt to be rescued.

Game News

Dead Trigger 2 update brings new content, new features and tournaments for real prizes

Madfinger Games has been hard at work developing this latest update for Dead Trigger 2 and it is now finally available on Google Play as of today. There is actually quite a lot of good stuff coming with this update including the beginning of an ongoing series of tournaments which we are teaming up with Madfinger Games to help host them. This includes the ability to win real prizes.

Game News

Bulkypix to unleash more zombies onto Android on May 7th with Undead Soccer

Bulkypix has a new game heading our way in about a week’s time where zombies are getting back into sports. Undead Soccer will have players getting ejected from a game and after you head to the locker room and sit there for some time waiting in anger, you head back out onto the field because you’ve noticed that things have gotten rather quiet. That’s the story anyways as you soon discover after you head back onto the field that everyone is now a zombie.