Day: 3 February 2016


Nintendo releases an official timeline for their first mobile app, Miitomo. Pre-registration begins in two weeks.

Miitomo, Nintendo’s upcoming “social toy” of an app, now has a timeline for release that is official. For those unaware of what Miitomo is, and missed our previous articles about it, this is essentially a Tomodachi style of game but using Miis (The Nintendo Wii/Wii U avatars). Per Nintendo’s announcement today, prospective players can soon pre-register for their Miitomo account, beginning on February 17th.


Zombie Catchers is a good game… even if you don’t like Zombies.

I will start by saying that I am not a fan of zombies, or anything related to zombies. There are a plethora of zombie games that are available in the Play Store, specifically related to the aforementioned subject matter. Generally speaking, I just don’t play zombie games… until now. Zombie Catchers by Two Men and a Dog is entertaining, unique and has you running a franchise that sells unpalatable drinks… or so you would think.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Award-Winning Collaborative Physics Conundrum Dreii To Launch Onto Android This February

Etter Studios has announced today that their award-winning collaborative physics game Dreii will finally be launching onto multiple platforms next month. This particular game is actually pretty interesting because you have the option to team up with other players in real-time in order to try and help each other solve the stage you’re on and progress through the game.


Save the Dwarven Kingdom from disaster by getting it more booze in Goldbeards Quest

Howling Hamster Games has released their first game onto Android called Goldbeards Quest. As the story goes in this game, the Dwarf King threw a massive party, spending all the gold that the kingdom had and all the booze that was stored up before the party is now gone. If you know anything about Dwarves, they drink a lot. So without money to buy more booze, and no actual booze to drink right now, there’s problems in the Dwarf Kingdom.