Nintendo releases an official timeline for their first mobile app, Miitomo. Pre-registration begins in two weeks.

Miitomo, Nintendo’s upcoming “social toy” of an app, now has a timeline for release that is official. For those unaware of what Miitomo is, and missed our previous articles about it, this is essentially a Tomodachi style of game but using Miis (The Nintendo Wii/Wii U avatars). Per Nintendo’s announcement today, prospective players can soon pre-register for their Miitomo account, beginning on February 17th.

Registration can be done via a new Nintendo Account service registration using existing email account, various social media accounts, or a current Nintendo Network ID. In an effort to get people to register ahead of the app’s launch, Nintendo is offering a couple of small incentives. First, those that pre-register before the launch date (next month) will be the first to know when it will be available.

Second, Nintendo will offer an as-of-yet unspecified bonusĀ  to those same users as well. In addition to the Miitomo app proper, Nintendo will also be launching My Nintendo to handle Nintendo’s rewards program. Miitomo users will be able to tap into My Nintendo, as a way to “enhance” their Miitomo experience.

Nintendo also mentioned that they plan to release four additional applications by the end of March 2017. No other specifics, for Miitomo or otherwise, were announced at this time.

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