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Golf Blitz, Super Stickman Golf Online, has soft launched

Golf Blitz Android

Golf Blitz, which is basically Super Stickman Golf Online, has soft launched in Canada, Germany, South Korea, and Ireland. That’s a random assortment of countries right there.

Nonetheless, this is a golf game well worth checking out if you’re lucky enough to be able to. You’ll play alongside or against your friends in a variety of whacky courses to see who is the best.

Golf Blitz is an online golf game that’s absolutely nuts

Seriously, the courses are insane. You’ll have to hit the ball up, behind, over, and under a variety of obstacles to safely make it to the end. Meanwhile, your opponent is doing the same.

Along the way, you’ll unlock a variety of new hats to customise your character with. Speaking of characters, there are 75 different avatars to unlock as well.

You can upgrade them along the way as well, adapting them to suit your play style. By the end, your golfer will really feel like a part of you.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab this awesome golf game in soft launch. It’s only available in Canada, Germany, South Korea, and Ireland but you might be able to use a VPN.

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