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Golf in 60 Seconds Is a Pixel-art Golf Game with a Speedy Twist

What is it about golf? Somehow, this strange sport has proven incredibly versatile when it comes to gaming spin-offs, with each passing month seeing a handful of unique, casual mutations, such as the recent Golf Skies.

Golf in 60 Seconds is the latest example. Developed by JacquesDoesDevStuff, it sees you playing short, crazy golf-style holes full of tricky obstacles and bizarre features like floating islands, patrolling blobs, and so on.

The aim is to score as many points as you can in 60 seconds. To make things tougher, you can’t progress from one stage to the next unless you get a hole in one.

There are 30 levels to master, and you can play them in both the standard Golf in 60 Seconds mode and the Survival mode, which gives you a bit more time whenever you sink a ball.

There are unlockable characters and online leaderboards too.

You can download Golf in 60 Seconds for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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