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Golf Peaks is a card-based golf puzzler out now on Android in beta

Golf Peaks is a minimalist golf-themed puzzler in which you whack a golf ball around a variety of mountainous golf courses.

However, it’s more of a card puzzler than a golf game. To move the ball, you have to play a series of cards that perform a variety of actions.

Golf Peaks is a card-based golf puzzler

The cards merely denote a direction to hit the ball in and the strength of the hit. Using these, and the forces of gravity, you’ll try and make or beat par in over 100 levels.

Gravity isn’t your only enemy though. You’ll also face different environment types like sand, wood, and grass, which affects your movement.

If that sounds like fun to you, head on over to Google Play and grab this awesome golf puzzler that’s out right now in beta.

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